Home Staging & Decluttering

Meet The Stagers will professionally evaluate your home to determine
-the best areas of the home to showcase
-which areas to downplay
-repairs that need to be completed
-updates that are required for a quicker sale and more profit
The consultation will assist in creating the best action plan to take when preparing the home for sale and will include the following:
-a full walkthrough of your home
including the exterior
-a list of items to be corrected/completed
by the homeowner based on each
  individual room
A written report will be prepared for both
the home owner and the relator
Hands On Staging
Getting your home ready to sell is a lot of work and very time consuming, especially when you don't know where to start. The last thing anyone wants is to have their house on the market for too long or to be sold below market value.  Meet The Stagers will take all the stress away by ensuring your home has the best visual impact to both the interior and exterior. 
Hands on Staging will include:
-a detailed list of repairs and updates including painting (if required)
-existing furniture rearrangement
-accessories including wall art, pillows, lighting
-furniture rentals and placement (if required)
-focus on main areas in the home including foyer, master bedroom,
  kitchen and bathroom
- curb appeal
Senior Relocation
Relocating your loved one to a smaller home or an old age home can be very stressful and time consuming, especially if you do not live close to your loved one. Meet The Stagers eliminates stress and saves the family valuable time and energy by coordinating all aspects of the  move.
Services include:
-packing and moving
-same day room set-up
-coordinating the work to prepare the house for the real estate market.
We aim to take the burden off of the family by providing a gentle and easy transition for your loved one. In one day their space will be organized with memorable pictures, clothes in their closet and sheets on their bed, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.
If you are overwhelmed with to much stuff and clutter, it will affect everyone living in the home and can cause depression. Make sense of your space! Meet The Stagers can help restore order to the chaos by organizing your home and assist with eliminating the "extra" items that you don't use.
Our service includes the following:
Evaluating your space is very important to determine your organizational needs
We understand that it may be difficult to part with your personal belongings which is why we will assist in finding places for your unused/unwanted items with people who will cherish them.
Let us help make the best use of your  storage and living space. Meet The Stagers will help you create simple systems that you can easily maintain going forward.

Decluttering Seminar